Where Should a Humidifier be Placed in a Bedroom?

Where should a Humidifier Be Placed in a Bedroom? This is one of the most common question people ask when they just get a humidifier, or when they’re planning to get one.

The location of the humidifier as a significant role to play in its efficiency.  To maximize the use of your humidifier you need to consider some factors when determining the right location for it in your bedroom. 

Some of what you should consider are the size of your room, the capacity of the humidifier, the noise level of your appliances, among others. 

Before placing a humidifier in any area of your room, you must be certain that you need the device.  How do you know if you need a humidifier? You can make use of a hygrometer to determine your bedroom’s relative humidity level.  

Based on the findings of Therma-Stor, relative humidity of about 50 percent is perfect for comfort and health.  During the winter this value might drop below 40 percent prevent moisture from condensing on the windows. 

When the humidity of your bedroom is considerably low, you may experience irritation in your vocal box, bloody nose, Scratchy throats, sinus congestion, dry cough, cracked lips, fingertip cuts, etc.  On the other hand, a humidity higher than 50% depicts that there is excess moisture in the air.

When there is too much moisture in the air, it can lead to the allergic reaction, the development of mold, cupped wood floor, as well as unwanted odor.  

When the relative humidity in your home is below or above the ideal value, you need a humidifier to keep it at the perfect level for health and comfort.

You can now decide on the right placement for your humidifier once you have ascertained that you need one in your bedroom.  

Where Should a Humidifier be Placed in a Bedroom: Placement


The right placement of your humidifier is critical for effective results. Note that there is no point in placing a humidifier in a bedroom if you don’t spend time there. Hence, it is essential to set a humidifier where you stay often.  

Once you have the understanding that a humidifier is needed where you need it most, ensure that you get the right size that you need. You should choose the ideal size of the humidifier you need based on the size of your bedroom, or anywhere you deem fit to place it. 

Another thing you need to consider is the height you will put your humidifier. in most cases; it is recommended that you put your humidifier at above ground level. Irrespective of the type of humidifier, you should not place them on the ground.  

It should be placed at a minimum of two feet off the ground. Some excellent spots to put a humidifier are tabletop, shelf, among others.  Putting it on the ground can lead to the development of mildew or mold due to too much moisture. To protect your furnishings, you might consider placing a towel underneath the humidifier.

Where to place a humidifier in a Bedroom?

If you are looking for the right spot to place a humidifier in your room. Here are some excellent ideas on the right spot to put a humidifier in your bedroom. 

  • Placing a small humidifier in a big-sized room 

The best spot to place a small humidifier in a large room is an area that is not far from the bed. The reason is that such type of humidifier will not be able to circulate the entire room.

Therefore, placing it close to where you sleep ensures that you get the air around you humidified.  When you put it far away, you might not be able to get the benefits you desire. 

Your bed area is the right location in this case because of its cooling effect, which can be advantageous when it comes to sleeping.   Apart from that, it enhances your breathing and assists in keeping out allergens from your bedroom.

  • The right place to a warm mist humidifier in the bedroom

Placing a warm mist humidifier in your bedroom requires caution, you should only put it near your bed only when you are awake and conscious of what is happening in your environment.  Keep the humidifier away from your bed when it is time to sleep.   

  • Placing a high-capacity humidifier in any room size 

It is advisable to keep a large humidifier away from the bed if the room is small.  The idea here is to avoid too much mist around you. Also, you have the freedom to position it anywhere if the room is enormous; the vapor will be distributed evenly. It will maintain a comfortable level of moisture and humidity in your room.  


The location of a humidifier will determine the level of comfortability you will derive from a humidifier. As you can see, there is no clear cut answer to where to place a humidifier in your room, mainly because there are lots of variables involved, your device size, the size of your room, and the type of the humidifier you have all plays a role in the positioning.

But an important rule of thumb is to place is far away enough to avoid the noise from disturbing your sleep, but also close enough to feel it impacts.