How Much Salt Do You Put in a Vicks Humidifier?


This article gives a clear and concise answer to the question, “how much salt do you put in a Vicks humidifier.”

 Vicks humidifier helps to get quick relief from colds or coughs by adding essential moisture to the ambient air. This device disperses visible warm mists that are free from bacteria, germs, and other harmful microbes. Vicks humidifiers are used with liquid inhalants like VapoStream.  This inhalant is added to the humidifier’s medicine cup. The VapoStream boosts the steam’s action as it improves its ability to moisten dry and irritated nasal passageways.

The device functions by boiling water to pure steam vapor; the 96 percent bacteria-free vapor moves to the cooling chamber before being dispersed into the ambient air.

Are you aware of the fact that salt plays a crucial role in maintaining human health? Salt has several healing properties. First, it helps to keep the body hydrated. Apart from that, it helps the thyroid to function properly and prevents the blood pressure from becoming low.

Considering the positive effect of salt on human health, you can use your Vicks humidifier for healing by adding salt to it.

What are the Advantages of Adding Salt to a Humidifier?

Adding salt to a humidifier comes with several benefits. First, it adds a healing effect to the steam. As mentioned earlier, salt helps the body to stay hydrated and prevent low blood pressure. Also, salt keeps the thyroid healthy, thereby allowing it to function properly.

Furthermore, salt disrupts the bonding between molecules of water. As the water molecules are displayed further apart, the boiling point of water increases. As a result, water gets converted into quickly.

In essence, adding salt to a vaporizer or warm mist humidifier increases the steam production significantly, which can boost the mist production of the humidifier.

On the other hand, salt addition may not affect the amount of mist produced by a cool mist humidifier since it does not involve heating.  In other words, ultrasonic or evaporative cool mist humidifier does not function by heating the water, so they might not be affected by the addition of salt.

How to Add Salt your Device?

Adding salt to a humidifier is easy and straightforward. In some cases, you might need to manufacturer’s manual and follow the steps carefully.

You can put salt in your humidifier by following the simple steps below:

The first step to take is to disconnect the humidifier from the electricity supply. Before you do anything at all, ensure that you unplug the device is not plugged in.

The next step is to remove the steam compartment from the tank. You can simply do this by twisting the units and lifting them.

Once you remove the steam tank, add cool and clean water to the tank. A mark usually indicates the maximum water level. You must take two precautions here; you must not overfill the tank and do not add hot water.

After adding the right amount of water to the tank, then you can add salt.  At this point, you must be aware of the right amount of salt recommended by the manufacturer.  According to most manufacturers, you should not use more than one-eighth of a teaspoon of salt.

Adding too much salt to your humidifier can damage your device. So, you must know the right amount of salt before you add it to your Vicks humidifier.

Ensure that the salt mixes thoroughly with the water in the reservoir before locking the steam tank back in place. Once you have locked the tank in place, you can connect the humidifier to the power supply and start enjoying healing and moisturized ambient air.

How Much Salt Should Be Put in a Vicks Humidifier?

The amount of salt you put in a Vicks Humidifier is of great significance because it determines the steam out of your device. Also, adding excess salt can damage your humidifier; therefore, the salt’s quantity must not be too small or excessive; it must be moderate.

Apart from the quantity of salt, the water’s mineral content is another factor that you must consider as it also affects the production of steam.

The recommended amount of water added to water with low mineral content is about 1/8 teaspoon or 4 to 5 pinches of salt.

Ensure that you mix thoroughly mix the salt with water before you connect your Vicks humidifier to the power supply.

In case the humidifier is not generating enough steam, you should add one or two pinches of salt, which is equivalent to ½ teaspoon. You should only add salt by pinch as too much salt can lead to excessive boiling and blowing of fuse.

In areas where water’s mineral content is moderate, add one or two pinches of water of salt and mix vigorously. Add a pinch or two of table salt again if the vaporizer is still not producing steam after about 10 min.

Is It Safe to add Salt to Your Device?

Adding salt like Himalayan or Epsom salt to your humidifier is safe provided that you stick to the right amount.  In other words, it is safe to put these types of salt in your Vicks Humidifier as long as you don’t exceed the required quantity.

Also, we might need to consider the brand and type of the device you own. Humidifiers come in different types and are meant to serve diverse purposes. Therefore, you may need to confirm from the producer whether you can add salt to their products.


The quantity of salt that you can add to a Vicks Humidifier depends on the water’s mineral content. It is recommended that you add 4 to 5 pinches of salt when the mineral content is low, and add 1 or 2 pinches of salt to water with moderate mineral content. When the steam production is delayed in both cases, you are required to add 1 or 2 pinches of salt.  You must add the salt in pinches to avoid putting excessive salt.