How Far Should a Humidifier be From Your Bed?


How far should a humidifier be from your bed? What is the right position to put a humidifier in your bedroom? This and many more questions will be answered in the course of this article.

I can still clearly recollect the day I purchased my humidifier. That was a very exciting moment for me because I know its health benefits.

Of course, that product can assist in preventing the common cold, dry skin, allergies, dry throat, nosebleeds, and a couple of other issues that have to do with our health. Anytime I am at home, I am mostly in my room, so I decided to put my humidifier in my room.

Nevertheless, one thing got me confused, or better still, curious. I could not seem to know how far or close I should put the humidifier from my bed to benefit immensely from it. So I had to do a couple of research on this to satisfy my curiosity.

If you also have that curiosity, be rest assured that you will get all the information you need regarding this subject matter.

Tips About Setting Your Humidifier in your Home

The most appropriate distance to put your humidifier is a little bit relative because there isn’t any perfect area for setting this device. Nevertheless, we have some useful tips you can make use of to get the maximum benefit from your humidifier while you use it in the bedroom.

You can use these tips to get the most out of your humidifier, and they include:

  • Make sure you put your humidifier on a surface that’s not metallic. You shouldn’t also put it on a carpet or wooden surface so its moisture won’t damage these surfaces.
  • Do not put your humidifier in a place where it can be exposed to sunlight.
  • Based on what I did, placing your humidifier in the middle of the room is your best bet as it will allow you to enjoy its benefits.
  • If you would like to put your humidifier on the floor, I would highly recommend you ensure it is 2 feet above the flooring and 3 feet away from the bed

Note: Ensure you purchase a water-resistant cover or a tray to assist in preventing mist droplets and spilled water.

Do I Need to Worry About the Size of the Room Anytime When Positioning a Humidifier?

This question is one that individuals ask before they pace the machine in their bedrooms. However, the simple answer is that the size of the bedroom also plays a vital role in how we place our humidifier.

Before placing the humidifier in your bedroom, you should consequently make sure that you consider the number of individuals who will stay in the bedroom. More individuals in the room denote that you’ll need to purchase a large device.

Therefore, it would be best if you place the humidifier at the corner of your room if the one you have is a large one. On the flip side, you can position the humidifier close to your bed if it is a small one. You must also ensure to make use of a hygrometer to assist in checking for the part of your room that requires the most moisture.

One other vital factor you need to consider prior to placing a humidifier in your room is the type or model of the device. In the paragraphs that follow, we will talk about the best place to put three of the most common types of humidifiers you can find out there:

Warm Mist Humidifier Placement

This is a very useful type of humidifier that’s extremely useful for the prevention of allergens, cold, flu, and so on. Nevertheless, you are required to be careful anytime you use it, as this device uses boiling water. You need to properly regulate this machine to prevent any form of emergencies or hazards. You are therefore advised to only make use of the device close to your bed anytime you aren’t sleeping.

Cool Mist Humidifiers Placement

You can use the cool mist humidifier without or with just little caution compared to when you use a warm mist humidifier. To get this model’s highest benefits, you can place this device next to your bed.

Evaporative Humidifiers Placement

When you use this type of humidifier, you can’t increase a room’s humidity above a particular level. You can get its maximum effect when you use it with a fan. Therefore, the best place to put it is where it can be exposed well to a fan.

Please note that if you’ve got a humidifier in the room of your kid, make sure you position it above where your child can reach if to prevent a domestic accident. You can place the humidifier in a tray made of plastic, then position it at the top of a nightstand or dresser.

Little kids are vulnerable to congestion, cold, and flu; therefore, the ideal one for such babies will be the warm mist model. It’s preferable you place the cool mist-humidifiers in the room of your babies instead of the warm mist-humidifiers.

Can You a Humidifiers through the Night?

There isn’t an issue with running it all night. Nevertheless, the tolerance for high humidity for some individuals is low, so you need to consider health and the way your body reacts to it prior to you even making use of the machine.

Anytime you run your humidifier throughout the night, this machine can assist in keeping your body moisturized appropriately. Because of that, you do not need to worry about waking up with dry skin or chapped lips in the morning. Therefore, deciding to run your humidifier all night is determined by the user’s needs.


The best place for the humidifier in your home is either your sitting room or bedroom, while the position will enable you to enjoy the maximum benefit of your machine.

It isn’t recommended that you place this machine close to you. It is better to keep a considerable distance from the device as this will  assist you in getting relief from sinus congestion and cold.

Finally, before placing the humidifier in your room, you need to consider factors like the type and size of the humidifier and the part of the room, which requires the most humidity.