Difference Between Humidifier and Purifier

Virtually everyone hardly pays depth attention to the air they breathe until something gets wrong from within. This article explore the difference between humidifier and purifier. Know that these two electronic appliances can help improve the quality of air in your home, but in what regards?

A purifier as an electronic appliance improves the air in your house, making it a livable place; the humidifier is of the same function too. However, they are not as identical as not having differences, which is the exact aim of this content.

This question is asked by every inquisitive buyer who doesn’t want to lose some amount of money buying the wrong product. Of course, you want to reduce the risks of contracting flu as well as not suffering from allergies, but you don’t know which product is handier.

Worry not, before you get through with the whole content, you’ll be able to independently decide on which product is best for the healthy home you’ve always imagined and also the product that will aid your health status.

Air Purifier

Just as the name suggests, an air purifier cleans the air by taking out pollutants from the air. Pollutant in this regard could vary from dust to pet dander to any other thing, as long as it affects the usual air, it remains a pollutant.

An air purifier does this using its two major components i.e a fan and a filter surface. While the filtration technology might vary from a maker to the other (from traditional HEPA filters to ionizers to brand-new PECO technology), it still performs the same function of removing anything found floating in the air to make the air purified.

How it works

Most air purifiers are filter-based, this could be seen in their mode of operation. Air purifiers use electric fans to pass fresh air through the units and then trap pollutants on the filter. With the filter-based function, air contaminants are caught using replaceable filters. With air purifiers, more air is filled in the room but less moisture.

Some respiratory problems, like rashes, asthma, allergies, and sneezing make having an air purifier essential. People who have asthma highly recommend air purifiers because of their countless benefits, such as a reduced need for treatment, and easier breathing.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

At this point, the fact is obvious to you that air purifier takes out pollen, dust, and all other air contaminative particles. Such an incredible benefit for people living with asthma and nursing mothers.

For Babies

Since air purifiers clean out the dirt in the air, they can be a good option for your babies. Buying an air purifier will help to clean the air the baby breathes in, hence, promoting good health.

People with Allergies

Certain people in this world are allergic to dust and dirt, they just don’t want to see a dirty and dusty home. Buying a purifier will not only take away the irritation from a visitor, but it will also make your house a lovable place to visit.


There are times I’ll wake in the morning and feel like my nose is stuffed up. Some people complain of having their own throats messed up with thick stuff like it was sandpapered. This will not cease to happen due to the absence of humidifiers in the house.

Although humidifiers will not clean dirty particles in the air, they moisten it. The moisture released by humidifiers will calm any sort of irritation that might be caused by dry conditions, thereby keeping the throat and nasal passages moisturized.

How it works

Simply, a humidifier moisturizes the air by boiling water into the steam. The boiled water is then vibrated and dropped into the air with the aid of modern-day ultrasonic technology. Some other humidifiers might evaporate the water with just a wick and a fan only.

Types of Humidifiers

Humidifiers have diverse types and categories, but in this context, we’ll be checking out on three types of humidifiers.

Warm Mist. This type of humidifier generates its heat from electricity which is further used to produce steam.

Cool Mist. Cool Mist makes use of diverse processes like an ultrasonic device. This is for the water to be easily changed to vapor.

Electromechanical. For this category, electric motors and blades are used for stirring the water meant for humidifying.

Benefits of Humidifiers

As aforementioned that humidifiers keep your respiratory system moisturized, it is also good to check into other benefits it possesses aside from aiding respiratory organs.

For people with irritated respiratory

With humidifiers, it remains a blessing for anyone with an irritated respiratory system. A bad air could be very hazardous to the nasal cavities and lungs, however, this remains a whole different story with the moisturizing effects from humidifiers.

For Babies

Why worry about your baby’s health when a humidifier is at your reach? Buying a humidifier gives you comfortable nights while your baby sleeps conveniently in a well-moisturized room. Unlike when everywhere used to be dry.

For Asthma Patients

A humidifier is a very useful product for asthma patients. Although it won’t totally get rid of the dust in the air, it will make it a lot more breathable by moisturizing it.


In lieu of the above, a purifier and a humidifier seem to have close ties, however, it is suggestive to buy a humidifier for babies and anyone with respiratory problems cum allergic persons. A purifier also would be a good option for asthma patients alike.

In the most understandable form, both appliances are highly useful in their respective ways. Exploring the difference between humidifier and purifier is basically a comparison of the technology behind each of them. Since they both make the air better in their ways, a buyer needs to look into what he needs and make a choice product.

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