Can You Put Essential Oils in Your Humidifier?

This article gives a simple and detailed answer to the question, “can you put essential oils in your humidifier?”

In recent times, the use of essential oil is gaining popularity among people who love its aroma and want it dispersed in their homes. Often, this category of people considers adding oil to their humidifiers. This way, the humidifier will circulate the fragrance of the essential oils in the home. However, it must be noted that essential oils cannot be added to any humidifier. In other words, you cannot add essential oils to some humidifiers. If you are looking for a perfect device that can diffuse essential oils, you should consider the 2-in-1 humidifier and diffuser or an air washer.

The 2-in-1 humidifier comes with a diffuser tray, a special container designed to hold the oil.  This machine can disperse the aroma of essential oil without causing any damage to the device. If you aim to add essential oil to your device, you should read this article carefully as it explains the vital things you need to know when adding essential oils to humidifiers.

Can You Put Essential Oils in Your Humidifier?

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are derived from plants and mixed with other oils, including avocado oil, jojoba oil, carrier oil, or almond oil. The oil is named “essential” because it is extracted from “essence oil,” and it does not mean that the body needs them for survival.

Furthermore, essential oils are numerous, and they have been found useful in alternative medicines and therapies. Most times, the oils are diffused into the air.  People also apply them topically.  Aromatherapy is a well-known method of the usage of essential oil.  It has to do with inhaling essential oils to obtain benefits such as cough relief, relaxation, alertness, and to soothe depression, anxiety, or stress.

Apart from the great smell, essential oils come with loads of benefits that you need to know.  Below are some of what essential oil can do:

  • Energize

One of the benefits of essential oils is that it energizes by stimulating the soul, refreshing the mind, and waking up the senses. It creates a feeling of readiness to complete an ongoing project.

  • Ease Flu and Cold Symptoms

Another benefit of essential oils is that it helps in alleviating the symptoms of cold and flu. Some of the undesirable symptoms of these conditions include congested head, coughs, stuffy nose, sore throat, watery eyes, etc. These conditions make you feel sick and miserable.  Apart from that, they can also cause sleeplessness.  Essential oils give relief from these symptoms; some of the oils you should diffuse include tea tree oil, thyme, and eucalyptus oil. These essential oils enable you to breathe appropriately by clearing your nasal passages.

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere

If you are looking for oils that can create an atmosphere for relaxation, you should go for chamomile and sage. Inhaling the fragrance of these oils can help you to reduce tension and boost relaxation. You can apply the oils in several ways; you can diffuse it, use it on the skin, etc.

  • It improves the night’s sleep.

Essential oils can also help you get better sleep.  For instance, Lavender stimulates the release of melatonin and enhances your night sleep.  Apart from that, the oil also helps to ease the body and mind.

  • Ease allergies

Essential oils can also assist in easing allergy symptoms.  Some of the essential oils that you should consider when looking to relieve allergies symptoms include eucalyptus, Lavender, sandalwood, and tea tree oil.

Diffusers or Humidifiers – Which Device is Better for Diffusing Essential Oils? 

A humidifier helps to improve or increase the humidity of the surrounding air by dispersing moist air in the area. There are single-room humidifiers; they are designed to maintain the humidity level of your living room, bedroom, office, or nursery.  We also have a whole-house humidifier; this is capable of dispersing moist air through every part of the home.

Humidifiers come in two types; there are warm mist humidifier and cool mist humidifier.  A warm mist humidifier disperses water vapor from boiling water, while a cool-mist humidifier blows air through the wick to the surrounding air through the help of a fan.

The diffuser does not circulate cool or warm mist; but, it transmits the aroma of essential oils in your home. The types of diffusers available in an ultrasonic diffuser, heat diffusers, evaporative diffusers, and nebulizing diffusers. An ultrasonic diffuser spreads the fragrance of essential oil by using electrical impulses to cause disc vibration.  The oil spreads across the surrounding as the disc vibrates.  Furthermore, the nebulizing diffuser uses a cold air pump together with a spritzer to turn the oil into vapor droplets before releasing them into the atmosphere.

The evaporative diffuser disperses a fan to circulate the essential oil, while a heat diffuser employs heat.

Now, which of these devices are ideal for diffusing essential oils?

If you are looking for a device that will help maintain your room’s humidity level and at the same time spread the essential oil fragrance, you should go for a 2-in-1 humidifier and diffuser.  This device has a dual function; it can function as a diffuser as well as a humidifier.

It is not advisable to add essential oils to a humidifier that is not designed to diffuse essential oil. This could damage the appliances.  Apart from that, it could harm your health.

Furthermore, you will also need to clean the appliances every time you add essential oil to them.  Your Ultrasonic humidifier can break down quickly if you add essential oil to it.  It could also lead to the damage of filters if you add it to a filtered cool mist humidifier.


Essential oils come with several health benefits, which you stand to gain if you disperse it through the suitable device.  A highly recommended device is the 2-in-1 humidifier, it comes with a special container to put the essential oils. The advantage of this diffuser tray is that it prevents stains or any damage to your device.

All in all, essential oil can be put in a humidifier provided it comes with features that will enable it to diffuse the oil safely.