Can Essential Oils Be Put in a Humidifier?

This article answers the question: can essential oils be put in a humidifier? You are advised to read this article carefully as it gives you some hints on the proper use of the product.

Anytime individuals are talking about several ways of medicine for curing their illness, people don’t mention essential oils in most cases. Nevertheless, the popularity of essential oils usage has constantly been increasing because more people are getting to know its benefits. Several individuals have now started including essential oils in their diffusers; so they can enjoy the scent in their rooms. But the question is, can you also add essential oils into a humidifier. Going straight to the point, I’d say it’s not a good idea to do it. We have a couple of reasons for this, and we will break down everything in this post.

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How do Diffusers Function?

The initial thing you need to understand is the way essential oils are normally dispersed through air. Typically, diffusers are the thing of choice when it comes to these oils. Diffusers mix oil and water to create a form of mist. It then disperses the mist into the air in order for the individuals at home to smell and feel the oils. Because of this, everyone will be able to make use of it for relieving their sinus and breathing problems and also assist them in fighting primary ailments like the cold. Primarily, the purpose of making diffusers is so we can use essential oils in them. Compared to this, let us take a look at the way humidifiers function.

How does a Humidifier Function?

The main purpose of humidifiers is to release humidity to the air in any place. When there is no humidity, it can result in irritation to the eyes, skin, or any other area of the body. When there is dry air, it can also cause cracks in the building, like in the plaster and drywall. Because of this, dry air surely isn’t a good thing to have in a building, so the best thing is to solve this with a humidifier. Nevertheless, this doesn’t denote that you can use a humidifier for all your desires. Below are a couple of reasons humidifiers aren’t to be used for the diffusion of essential oils to the air.

Heat Vapor

The way humidifiers function is by collecting the excess heat in a room then releasing it into the air in a form of vapors. If you disperse essential oils using heat, its effect will be reduced. These oils will be more diluted, which won’t be of as much advantage to you as they are meant to. This denotes that the several health advantages of making use of essential oils will be of little or no importance to you. Of course, it can be quite frustrating, particularly when everything you want to achieve is a happier and healthier home. There is an exception to this though, and that is if you particularly have a cold air humidifier. The function of these machines is quite similar to that of diffusers.

Plastic Humidifiers

Manufactures made almost all humidifiers by using several plastic materials. This kind of material isn’t made to withstand essential oils. This oil has some elements that’ll break down plastics eventually; therefore, this will cause faults in your humidifier. Humidifiers are made to just handle water and a little else. Also, the essential oils will begin to clog several parts of the humidifier. Finally, this will slow down then stop working effectively. Because of this, the water tank will normally crack then break. As soon as the water tank and a couple of parts of the humidifier start leaking, the unit will likely not be able to salvage anymore. You can’t make use of a cracked humidifier since it won’t be helpful in minimizing the humidity level of your home, instead, it will add to the issues you have.

The Benefits are Higher if you Make Use of a Diffuser

Looking at how diffusers are really meant for dispersing essential oils, it’s the best for doing this. An example is diffusers being able to break essential oils down till they’re simply a fine mist. The particles are very little that they can easily mix with air and be released into the house. It’s a good thing because everyone is able to just breathe in the created mixture. People can also easily absorb it into their bodies. On the flip side, humidifiers aren’t able to break down these essential oils to that fine mist. Because of this, there’ll be less absorption of the oil and can’t benefit the people in the house.

You Create Extra Mess

If you actually want to make use of a humidifier for your essential oils just because of the fact that you don’t want to purchase a diffuser, you feel that you’re saving some money for yourself. Nevertheless, there are some things you should not attempt taking any form of shortcut for, and this is simply one of those things. Anytime you add essential oils into a humidifier, there’s a high tendency of you making an odd combination of oil that’s heavy and sticky. The moment you expel this from your humidifier, it will land on your body, clothes, and furniture. It is a very unhygienic thing and can frustrate you. It is extremely difficult to clean this kind of mixture, so it is something you will be battling for an extended period.


The direct answer is that you are not meant to make use of essential oils in your humidifiers. There are a couple of exceptions and that is if you precisely possess a cool-mist humidifier, which was made to do that kind of work. In general, though, it would be better if you invest in a diffuser to use with your essential oils. Have you made use of a particular brand already? Drop a comment below telling us your experience, and do not forget to share this info with your family and friends so that they will also be prepared. You can also check out some other posts of ours to know more about humidifiers.