Best Place for a Humidifier in the House?

Knowing the best place for a humidifier in the house can actually make a big difference when it comes to the effectiveness of the machine.  Placing the device at the right spot will enable the mist to spread across all the necessary areas in your bedroom, office, or nursery.

It can be quite difficult to find the perfect place to put your humidifier because you also need to take into account its possible adverse effect. When you use a humidifier excessively, it can result in condensation. This can make the room humid and even spoil your furniture.

This whole thing could make you consider not using a humidifier anymore or look for an alternative.

It’s very good to use ultrasonic humidifiers in your house because of the machine’s quiet operation, which makes its silence good for the room of your child and your room also.

A couple of the models have an automatic humidistat built-in, which shuts down the unit for any time the air is filled with the needed humidity level. This can make it save you from over humidification dangers.

But this is still the question, what’s the best place to put your humidifier? Is it better to put it on a nightstand or the floor to benefit from it most?

To find out the best place to put your humidifier, you should take note of every factor like the recommended height, the distance from the floor, the place that it’s placed, and many more.

Irrespective of the kind of humidifier you used, you need to position it at a particular height above the floor level. It’s necessary to know that the area near and beneath the humidifier can be damp and even slippery because of humidity.

The moisture from the humidifier can result in mold or even damage the furniture or carpets. The humidifier needs to always be placed on your table or any piece of furniture that’s one meter from the ground.

That’s the best height to put your humidifier. One other recommendation is that you should put an absorbent towel beneath the humidifier.

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In the Living Room

The largest space in any house is usually the living room, and it’s also used every time by the entire family. Because of this, it’s very important to put a humidifier in your living room so everybody can benefit from it.

Take note, you should be careful anytime you place the humidifier in your living room. Do not put it on any wooden surface that moisture can damage. If you want to place it on wood, make sure you put a towel or small plastic tray under the humidifier so it won’t damage the wood and the surface that’s around it.

Do not place your humidifier close to a vent because the heat in that room can increase because of humidity in a short interval and result in breathing issues.

As a solution, companies now put hygrometers in a humidifier so that it can automatically figure out low humidity and switch accordingly to make the air normal again.

In Baby’s Room

It is quite necessary to put a humidifier in the room of a baby, and also a critical issue at the same time. The body of babies is extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and air.

The humidifier you put in the room of your baby is meant to be monitored closely so that it can’t pull on the cords, you can’t knock it down easily, and so on.

Besides this, it’s also important to clean the humidifier. You need to clean your humidifier’s filters using a soft damp cloth then change the water to prevent the spreading of possible bacteria in the room of your baby.

Humidifier on the Bedside Table or on the Floor?

Normally, the ultrasonic humidifier functions by releasing little droplets of water into the air, just like a mist. But this water used can be assimilated into the humidifier sometimes.

That’s the reason it is recommended to leave a humidifier at a height of sixty to ninety centimeters. This gives the drops of water the time and space to evaporate into the air prior to it reaching the ground. That’s the reason it’s highly recommended to make use of a humidifier to do this.

If you have no nightstand, you can opt for a table. In the two cases, you must take care by placing a plastic tray or a towel beneath the humidifier so the table will be saved for any future water damage.

The best position for placing your humidifier on your bedroom’s nightstand is approximately one meter from your bed. You need to be careful not to place the humidifier on the ground except it’s too heavy (like a pedestal type or console humidifier).

At What Distance Should you Place a Humidifier from your Bed?

While you decide on the ideal position to place your humidifier, you need to make use of a hygrometer to figure out the dry air places in your bedroom. You should then put the humidifier in your room depending on what part of your room needs it most.

It is recommended that your humidifier’s size should be directly proportional to the number of ifindividuals who stay in your room. This means that the more people, the bigger the humidifier, and vice versa. For big humidifiers, the best place is your bedroom’s corner.

For individuals who choose to use the cool mist humidifiers, it’s safe for them to place it close to their beds so they can sleep comfortably. Nevertheless, for individuals who make use of warm mist humidifiers, you need to be extremely careful about where you place it.

Warm mist humidifiers help in relieving cold discomfort and allergen. But it needs to be placed quite away from your bed because the humidifier can affect your breathing while you sleep if you place it close to your bed.


Looking for the best place for a humidifier in the house? Consider the tips explained above to know the right spot to place the machine in your living room, baby room, or bedroom.