Best Inexpensive Cool Mist Humidifier


If you are looking for a cheap and effective way to relieve yourself of symptoms that comes with health issues like dry cough, allergies, sinus, or nasal congestion, then you need to invest in the best inexpensive cool mist humidifier.

Dry winter air is responsible for several skin and respiratory problems. Apart from that, it causes wooden furniture and musical instrument to crack. You can prevent these problems, or alleviate health issues associated with dry air by adding moisture to the air through a cool mist humidifier.

Note that there are several models in the market; so, you need to have the proper understanding of the features to enable you pick an inexpensive humidifier that won’t sacrifice its quality for the price.

In this article, we reviewed the best inexpensive cool mist humidifiers. Some of the factors we considered are the performance, design, safety features, noise level, and hosts of others.  Apart from that, we will explain some of the important considerations that you should not overlook when shopping for the best inexpensive cool mist humidifier.

Cool Mist Humidifier Types that You Should Know

This type of humidifier produces cool mist through different processes, which include evaporation and the ultrasonic vibration.

The types of cool mist humidifier available include evaporative and ultrasonic humidifiers. The method of operation of each type of humidifier differs, but they both add high-quality and clean air to the surroundings.

  • Evaporative Humidifier

This type of humidifier produces cool mist humidifier via the process of evaporation. The moist air is made to pass through the filter before being discharged into the environment.

  • Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier operates quietly as it pulsates while releasing moisture into the ambient air. Therefore, if you need a cool mist humidifier that runs silently, you should go for this model.

Advantages of Inexpensive Cool Mist Humidifiers

Humidifiers are fast becoming a popular choice among people because of its numerous benefits.  Apart from their beautiful design that can complete the décor of every home, they feature several health benefits as they can be used to relieve health issues ranging respiratory to skin problems. The health advantages of cool mist humidifiers are countless; here are some of the health advantages of cool mist humidifiers:

  • It reduces snoring
  • Cool mist humidifiers relieve cough
  • It prevents cracks in furniture
  • It alleviates skin irritation, nasal congestion, and cough.
  • Cool mist humidifier prevents electric shock due to static electricity
  • It moisturizes home plants

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying an Inexpensive Cool Mist Humidifier

Buying an inexpensive cool mist humidifier is not going to market to pick any cheap cool mist humidifier that is available; you need to take some factors into consideration.  Understanding the basic features of cool mist humidifier will enable you make the right choice by selecting a product that does not sacrifice its quality for the price.  Below are some factors to consider if you are looking to buy the best inexpensive humidifier:

  • The capacity of the product

Before you buy a humidifier, you should consider its tank capacity.  The size of the tank determines how long the product can run continuously without a need for a refill.  If you are planning to install the product in a big room and you will like to keep it running throughout the night, you should consider a humidifier with large tank.  Note that you can also control your humidifier run-time by adjusting the mist level.

  • Noise Level

The noise level is another important consideration that you should not overlook when looking for the best inexpensive cool mist humidifier to buy. If you are going to install the device in your baby’s room, you need to go for a device that operates silently.  This type of humidifier will not disturb your babies sleep.

  • Auto shut-off feature

Sometimes, you might forget to switch off or top the humidifier’s water level. The device is likely to become hot, damaging its essential components, when it becomes excessively hot.  Apart from that, it could also lead to burn.  To prevent such mishap, you should look for a humidifier that has an auto shut-off functionality. It works by automatically stopping the device when the water level goes down.

  • Ease of use

For convenience, you should go for a humidifier that is easy to operate.  The device must be easy to fill.  Apart from that, you must be able to clean it quickly and easily.

Best Cool Mist Humidifiers

1.LEVOIT Humidifiers for large room

Are you looking for a cheap humidifier that is built to stand the test of time? If yes, the LEVOIT Humidifiers for large room is your ideal choice. This product relieves you from sinus, dry skin, allergies, bloody noses, cold, and flu, providing both cool and warm mist. Furthermore, it features a built-in humidity sensor that automatically adjusts the mist level to control the humidity is something you would like to have.

The product comes with an aroma box where you can add your favorite oils for a pleasant aroma. It has an excellent mist output that can comfortably handle spaces as large as 753 feet square. This is great isn’t it? It contains a large 1.5gel/6l capacity that can function for 60hr with a low mist level. The LEVOIT humidifier does not make noise that can disturb your sleep, so your sleep can be very sound.

The product is easy to clean and comes with an easy to use remote, it features an auto-mode, delivers both cool and warm most at appropriate conditions. It is durable and does not require assembling


2.Homasy Cool Mist Humidifiers

Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier operates at a very low noise level of 28dB, which does not disturb your sleep. It is designed with a 3.25 inches large opening, which makes it convenient to clean and refill. It features an arc-shaped handle with anti-slip grooves for easy grasp. The product features auto shut-off capacity. This enables the humidifier to shut-off with the red LED light on when the water has finished.

The humidifier has a 2.2 L large tank, which enables the product to work continuously for about 24hours in low mist. It comes with an even level of humidity through its omnidirectional rotating nozzle.

The device adds essential moisture to the room during dry, harsh winter. The humidifier is user friendly. It does not make any noise, so you and your baby can sleep deeply. It can function round the clock. No stress for you trying to refill as it features an easy-to-fill design.  Also, the product is light in weight and features an adjustable mist output up to 180ml/h


3. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom

TaoTronic Humidifier comes with high-quality features that qualify it as one of the best inexpensive cool mist humidifiers on the market. Furthermore, the product features a vertical oval shape that can comfortably fit narrow spaces on the shelf and office desk. The humidifier does its job with a very low level of noise of about 32dB. It is perfect for babies’ rooms and kids. You can conveniently adjust the air humidifier’s mist output if you want full control of the level of mist.

It comes with a 360-deg nozzle that distributes air evenly around the house while you are fast asleep. When the product runs out of water, you don’t have to worry because it has an auto shut-off functionality. The device helps you breathe easily as it provides temporary relief from cough and congestion. TaoTronic Cool Mist Humidifier is easy to clean, and it is lightweight.  The product helps save space due to its vertical design.


4. Magictec Cool Mist Humidifier

Magictec Cool Mist Humidifier is a highly recommended product because it is easy to use, and also come with a large capacity to store liquid up to 2.5liter as you do not need to wake up from sleep to refill. It can run continuously for 24hrs.

It features an all-around humidification capacity nozzle, which delivers fresh air to the entire bedroom while you take your sleep. You can as well adjust or control the amount of most flow through the dial known. This gives you control over the level of humidity in the room.

This product provides a super quiet mist, less than 30dB. It features low water protection capacity; it comes with an automatic power-off function, which activates when the water has finished. It comes with a 360-degree nozzle for all-around humidification, power-saving auto shut-off mechanism that allows you to sleep without worries, long-lasting usability because of the durable ABS materials.


5. Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Humidifier

If you are looking for a safe, cheap, and easy-to-use humidifier, you should not hesitate to go for Vicks Filter-free Ultrasonic Humidifier. This product has a high capacity, which allows it to function for up to 30hrs.

The Vicks filter free humidifier delivers cool mist quietly through ultrasonic technology. The mist can provide temporary relief from dry air discomfort, cough, and congestion.

You can control or adjust the level of mist output you want in your room with ease. You do not need to worry about safety because the device features an auto shut-off mechanism that activates when the water gets to the minimal level.

The humidifier delivers visible mist that gives fresh and cool breath. The product comes with a wide tank, and it is suitable for babies, kids, and adults.



If you are looking for a cheap cool mist humidifier that does not sacrifice its quality for the price, consider our recommended products.  The humidifiers were carefully selected based on several factors, including ease of use, quality of material, noise level, auto shut-off feature, and hosts of others.