Best Humidifiers for Winter Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the health issue that occur during winter days. One of the major causes of this condition is dry air. Apart from its effect on the appearance, dry air causes discomfort. Access to humid air can relieve this uneasiness.  That is why the best humidifiers for winter dry skin is a highly recommended for people looking for a fast and convenient way to ease themselves of the symptoms of dry air.

When the humidity levels are low; people tend to experience cracked lips and drier eyes, coupled with irritated sinuses. This is where the application of humidifiers come in. These handy devices can take the desert dryness right out of your home, and this is done by the addition of moisture to the air, which helps in smoothening your nasal cavity, and can also help in alleviating uncomfortable cold and allergy symptoms, for example, a runny nose, cough or dry throat.

We have come up with the five best humidifiers for winter dry skin; this will save you the stress of selecting your preferred products from the numerous ones available in the market. All you need to do now is go through our best picks and select the right one for you.

Buying the Best Humidifiers For Winter Dry Skin: What are the Essential Considerations?

Are you looking to buy a humidifier that is capable of easing you of dry skin? If yes, then you need to take some essential factors into consideration. Here’s how to select and use the best humidifier for your home;

Know the types

There are various humidifiers on the market, ranging from warm to cool mist to the famous steam vaporizers and ultrasonic machines, which effectively adds to the moisture in the air.

So, the kind you do choose is ultimately up to you, but in summation, the cool mist humidifiers are the safest choice, and that’s especially if you have children or pets around. You don’t want to get burns on either you, your child or your pet’s skin when you get too close.

Keep it simple and clean

Yes, in this case, you’ll have to use distilled water as the machine chooses or in your selected device. In this case, tap water isn’t ideal, and that’s because such water consists of minerals that can breed germs and also irritate the nasal cavity.

Do clean your humidifier; you can do this at least two to three days a week. This is done to prevent the growth of molds or fungi in the device due to stagnant water. Imagine such bacterial molecules blowing through your home, which can make life pretty bad, especially for those who have allergies to such bacteria.

Put the humidity levels in check

In ideal terms, you shouldn’t exceed 50%. To avoid running your humidifier for long periods, you can better set the unit’s humidity level if it offers that feature. When you notice the air to be damp, you have to be sure that molds and mildew can grow and foster breathing problems.

Take Note of your room size

The size of your humidifier depends on the size of the room that you plan on running it. Personal or travel-sized humidifiers typically only reach approximately 25 to 100 square feet.

Best Humidifier for Winter Dry Skin

1.Homech Cool Mist Humidifier

If you are looking for a budget-friendly humidifier that will relieve you of dry skin and other health challenges associated with the winter, then you should consider Home Cool Mist Humidifier. It has a compact build, which makes it ideal for any area, actually, minimal areas. You can place it at your bedside table or entirely at an at-home desk.

The Home cool mist humidifier is a compact machine that weighs around 4.2 pounds. This makes it convenient to transport from one place to another.  Apart from that, you can set it in any place in your bedroom, thanks to its compact design.

The design is also sleek, with a nozzle on the front that tells you how much humidity you can select and change as you so wish. It also comes in white and black, which means you can choose the color that works for your room or preferences.

Its main features are; it’s tranquil, which means you can use it almost anywhere. It’s easy to use, which makes it effortless to be used. All you have to do is remove the tank and fill it up by holding the handle and replacing it. The nozzle on the front of the machine also helps in selecting the level of the mist.

Lastly, for the main features, this humidifier is energy efficient, and it doesn’t use a lot of energy. You can also turn it off when you aren’t using it. This is highly important, especially if you’re looking for a machine that would work well without increasing the utility bills.


2.GIANNI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers

Do you wish to maintain your glow, and more importantly, stay away from allergies? If that is the case, you should not overlook this high-performing cool mist humidifier.

The Geniani Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier is the right choice for people searching for good sleep. The device is known to maintain quality moisture in your room and leave a pleasant aroma that would surely make your visitors envious.

Applying this humidifier is worth it, for it maintains the needed humidity level and promises clean and fresh indoor air.

The main features are; it’s known to have an automatic shut off. Can you believe that? The humidifier shuts off automatically! Which helps to leave it for the night, also assuring fresh air for the whole night. The device again automatically shuts down when the water tank becomes empty, ensuring the device’s protection.

Then we shouldn’t forget the humidifier and diffuser, which are some of the notable features. The two in one component of the device assures a pleasant aroma in the room. The cool mist restores your glow in the skin and creates a relaxing indoor environment.

This humidifier’s sleek and cool design complements perfect functioning as it supports making a pleasant environment, which is quite needed for a good night’s sleep.


3. Urpower 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier

Do you gets sick or even stressed out during the cold or flu-filled holiday season? You can stay prevent all the winter health challenges by going for the Urpower Cool Mist Humidifier.

To get this product into operation; all you need to do is to add 100ml of water, which is approximately less than half a cup, to the humidifier, plug it in, and it would run for hours nonstop. This is absolutely a cute addition to your apartment because it is designed to complement your home décor.

You can set it to mist intermittently or continuously throughout the night for a minimum of seven hours, that’s if you have a throat or lung problem, a sinus infection, or even a nasal blockage.


4. POHL SCHMITT Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier

POHL SCHMITT Ultrasonic Humidifier has a whisper-quiet operating system, giving you up to sixteen hours of continuous mist. This makes you feel like you’re living in the center of a tropical forest.

With this device, there won’t be any complaint of dry lips, skin or even waking up with a sore throat and worst allergies.

Stay healthy with this small but powerful device. It features a soothing blue light, the right setting for the bedroom or even your baby’s or children’s room. With the 1.5-liter water tank and adjustable mist speed, you can be sure to make everyone in your household happy, even your houseplants.


5. TaoTronics Humidifiers, 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

This humidifier has a silent operation for your bedroom use; they are known to be incredibly quiet and produces less than 38dB of noise, which is perfect for your baby or if you so wish to have a disturbance-free night rest.

Then we have the 4L tank capacity, which works throughout the night; do you know that over a gallon of water lasts for about 30 hours nonstop when filled up. This humidifier is specially made to humidify the air in rooms of up to 10-30 m2/ 107-322 ft2.

It’s also known to have an informative LED display, a built-in Humidistat that tells you the current RH, making you quickly select between the three mist levels set at your humidity choice from 40-60%, which is recommended.

A notable feature is its sleep mode; you can turn on the nightlight or enter sleep mode, which is done to enter a sleep mode to shut off the LED screen for a good night’s rest.

Lastly, it’s safe to use. It shuts off when water runs out automatically, and the microporous cartridge filters the water from the micro-organism, thereby removing all forms of foul odor.

Warning: Please, do not apply essential oils. This can damage the functions of the machine and cause irreversible leakage problems.



If you aim to buy the right humidifier that will ease you of all nasal and skin problems effectively, please take all these factors as specified above.

First, you’ll have to consider the size of your room and all other essential features that would add some significance to the value of the product.

And secondly, go through the list given above; this would surely give you a solid foundation to pick the best humidifier that suits your preference so that you don’t ask for a refund.