Are Filter Free Humidifiers Good?

Are filter free humidifiers good? This is the question you need to ask yourself before investing in this type of device. Read on as this articles provides you with helpful information about filter free humidifiers.

A humidifier is a device that is designed to adjust the moisture level of your home.  It can be broadly classified into two; filtered and unfiltered humidifiers. As the name implies, a filter-free humidifier is a device that does not come with a filter.  As such, the mists emanating from the machine do not pass through a filter; it goes straight into the air.

To compensate for the filter, unfiltered humidifiers feature a purifying system that eliminates harmful microbes and allergens from the moisture before dispersing it into the air. The question – are filter free humidifiers good? – cannot be answered unless you weigh the pros and cons of this device.

If you are looking to buy a filterless humidifier, you must understand the differences between the filtered and unfiltered humidifiers.  Furthermore, knowing the disparities between the two types will enable you to make an informed choice.  This article will explain how a filter-free humidifier works, and also give you the types of this device available in the market. Besides, the article will also explain the significant difference between filtered and unfiltered humidifiers.

Vicks Filter free Ultrasonic Humidifier

How a Filter Free Humidifier Works?

By knowing how an unfiltered humidifier works, you can know if it is an ideal device for you.  The working principle of a filterless humidifier is not different from the conventional type except that it does not use a filter.

A filter-free humidifier functions by breaking water into smaller droplets and releasing them as fine mists into the surrounding air.  By so doing, it increases the moisture of the ambient air.    Note that the process of creating breaking water molecule might be different depending on the type of humidifier

Types of Filtered Humidifiers

There are different types of filter-free humidifiers; they include steam vaporizer, ultrasonic, and impellers.  Below are the detailed explained of each type:

  • Impellers

This type of filterless humidifier blows cool mist into the air through its rotating fan. This device is most suitable for nursery because it does not use a heating element that may injure the young ones. Impellers work by blowing water droplets across the room, thereby humidifying the room in the process.

  • Steam Vaporizers

A steam vaporizer is another type of filter free humidifier that you should know. It is different from impellers because it features a heating element.  The device produces a warm mist by heating up water to form steam.  The advantage of a steam vaporizer is that it inhibits harmful microbes’ growth, thereby ensuring that you breathe in safe air.

  • Ultrasonic Type

The working principle of an ultrasonic humidifier is similar to that of an impeller. The difference is that this device produces cool mists via an ultrasonic vibration.

Are Filter Free Humidifiers Safe?

Before buying an unfiltered humidifier, you must be sure that it is safe to use.  Most importantly, you should consider the device’s safety if you plan to install it in your baby’s room.  So, are unfiltered humidifiers safe?  The straight answer to this question is yes.  As stated earlier, most of these devices feature a purifying system that removes foreign material from the water droplets.

Furthermore, if your filterless humidifier is an excellent working condition, you are sure to get the same performance as its filtered counterpart if you use distilled water.

Difference Between Filtered and Filterless Humidifiers

For those contemplating the device to choose between the two types of humidifiers, you should not overlook this section as it brings out the disparities between the two.

In filtered humidifiers, water will pass through a filter to remove mineral contents and other contaminants before being broken down into mists released into the surroundings.  The filter’s primary function is to remove unwanted material that could lead to illnesses and infections in children and adults.  Apart from that, the filters remove white dust that could cause white dust formation in the home.

Bear in mind that you need to replace the filter from time to time because it is prone to get clogged and dirty.  The cost of running this type of humidifier is a bit higher due to the need for regular maintenance and changing of filters.

Filter free humidifiers, on the other hand, do not feature a filtration system. It breaks the water molecule into droplets without the need for filtration. Distilled water is usually recommended for this type of humidifier as it reduces the likelihood of white dust formation around the home.  Most of these device features a purification system to get rid of harmful microorganisms. The cost of running this device is comparatively because it does not use a filter that will require frequent replacement.

Advantages of Filterless Humidifiers

Filter free humidifiers come with myriads of advantages; this makes some users prefer them to filtered humidifiers.  This section takes a look at some of the remarkable benefits that you stand to enjoy when you go for a humidifier that does not use a filter. Here are some of the advantages of a filterless humidifier:

  • Less Expensive

The absence of a filter in this device makes them less expensive compared to filtered humidifiers.  Apart from that, you won’t need to be buying a filter from time to time when you go for this device.  Filtered humidifiers require frequent maintenance, and you need to replace the filter system frequently to enable the device to function problem.  With an unfiltered humidifier, you can eliminate these additional expenses.

  • Less Noise

In most cases, filterless humidifies does not come with a fan, leading to silent operation.  This makes the device suitable for night use as it works quietly without disturbing your gentle sleep. Conventional humidifiers usually produce a lot of noise, rendering them unfit for night use.

  • The Health Factors

Filterless humidifiers often feature a purifying system that gets rid of harmful microbes from the cool circulating mists.   This leads to significant improvement in health of users as it prevents health problems caused by dry air.  Besides, it moisturizes the skin, giving it a healthy glow.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Filter Free Humidifiers

Due to the increasing demand for filter-free humidifiers, manufacturers produce a large number of the product.  As a result of this, the market is full of different models of this humidifier. Buyers sometimes get confused because they have to select from hundreds of similar products. To prevent confusion that may lead you to make the wrong choice, factors that you should consider before making your buying decisions are presented in this section. Here we go!

  • Water Tank Capacity

The water tank capacity is an essential feature that should not be overlooked when buying a filterless humidifier. Note that the effectiveness of your unit hinges on the capacity of its water tank. In other words, it is an essential feature that determines how effective it will moisturize your ambient air.

  • Humidistat

This is an essential part of a humidifier that maintains the humidity of your home, which means that it keeps moisture in your home from rising above the optimum level. A unit without a humidistat can produce excess moisture, thereby raising your home’s humidity level above normal.  Extreme humidity can lead to bad health, thereby defeating the aim of getting the device.

  • Room Capacity

Filterless humidifiers are generally designed to serve a specified area.  That is why they come in different sizes.  For instance, if you want to add moisture to a small area or room, you can go for a tabletop humidifier.  However, you need a device having a high capacity if you are looking to humidify the whole house. Your choice of humidifier depends mostly on the size of the place you intend to humidify.  The reason is that excess moisture will aggravate the growth of microbes, molds, and other harmful microbes. On the other hand, inadequate moisture will render the device ineffective because you won’t achieve your aim of getting the device.

  • 360degree nozzle

If you aim to direct the mist to a specific position, you should not overlook it.  The 360-degree nozzle helps in directing the moist air towards or away from a particular area or object. When using a tabletop or other smaller-sized humidifiers, users tend to control the mist direction via a 360-degree nozzle. Apart from enhancing the effectiveness of your device, the feature offers a better user experience.

  • Auto Shutoff

This is a safety feature that prevents overheating when your device runs out of water. The auto shut off function has two advantages. First, it protects the appliances from getting damaged.  The second advantage has to do with users’ safety; it prevents injury resulting from an overheated device.


Having considered the working principle and the advantages of filter-free humidifier, there is no doubting the fact that they are excellent and risk-free devices that you can install in your home.  Are you worried about its inability to get rid of germs and other harmful microbes?  You don’t have to; there are several models with a purifying system.