Are Dyson Humidifiers Worth the Money?

The first question that is likely to cross your mind on seeing the price of this product is: are Dyson humidifiers worth the money?  The right answer can go as far as influencing your buying decision.  Read on to know if the products are really worth the price.

Are you planning to get a Dyson Humidifier and wondering if the product worth its high price tag? Well, Dyson Humidifiers are special devices with top-quality features. You should be able to judge if the product is worth the price after careful examination of its features. Furthermore, Dyson Humidifiers are high-quality products that do not only ease you of the health problems that come with dry air, but they also ensure that you breathe in clean and healthy air. Specifically, these products are perfect for taking care of respiratory issues. It is ideal for nose, skin, throat irritation, cough, and other associated symptoms.

Furthermore, Dyson humidifiers are available in multiple versions, including central humidifiers, steam humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, central humidifiers, evaporators, and so on.  This product comes in different sizes; they can be moved from one place to another with the help of use.  Bear in mind that the unregulated use of this device will result in respiratory issues.  This could lead to contagious diseases; therefore, you should always get the product from a trusted source.

This article will take a look at the best Dyson humidifier models, their features, as well as pros and cons. Knowing the functionality and weighing this device’s pros and cons will enable you to know if the product is really worth the buy.

What are the Common Models of Dyson Humidifiers?

In the world of humidification and filtration, Dyson products are comparatively new. In other words, they started the manufacturing of humidifiers and other related products not quite long. Before it ventured into the production of filtration and humidification device, the company has produced a significant number of fans over the years.

Currently, the company has succeeded in producing just three humidifiers.  These products include Dyson AM10, Dyson PH02, and Dyson PH01.

Dyson Humidifier AM10

This is the first humidifier produced by Dyson. In other words, you can refer to it as an entry-level model. As a result, it is the cheapest of the three products.  Apart from being the most affordable humidifier, it is also the smallest.  The height and weight of the device are 22 inches and 7.8 pounds, respectively.

This product is portable and ideal for small spaces. You can conveniently place it on the shelf as its base only measure 8.7 feet. The product features an attractive design.  And it has a dual function, meaning that it can humidify your ambient air and also circulate cool air when the weather is hot.  Its dual function makes it useful throughout the year.

The AFAA certified Dyson humidifier AM10 as allergy and asthma friendly. Besides, it kills nearly all the bacteria in the water through its Ultraviolet light. The device can run continuously for 18 hours when its tank is full of water.

The Dyson humidifier AM10 performs exceptional well; two high-quality models have been produced after it.

Dyson Humidifier PH01

Dyson humidifier PH02 comes with improved functionalities over the first model. The product features advanced filtration alongside several innovative features.  The humidifier PH01 has some common features with its predecessor, but its design is entirely different from it.  The weight of the machine is less than 18 pounds, and it is 36 inches in height.

One of the exciting features of this unique humidifier is real-time monitoring.  It can effectively monitor your ambient air’s humidity level via a series of smart sensors designed for that purpose.  The unit also comes with small readouts that allow you to keep tabs on your home’s humidity level.

The Link app is another notable feature of the device; it opens the door of a vast range of features.  Furthermore, this humidifier has what it takes to get rid of virtually all pollutants in your living space.  It can also remove allergens as small as 0.3 microns through Glass HEPA filter and activated carbon that comes with the humidifier.

Like AM10, this device can sanitize the water. The PH01 moves a step further by using a deep clean circle.  The machine has different unique modes that distinguished it from other models.  Besides, its advanced filtration functionality, voice control, and Wi-Fi are some of the perks of this device.  Some of the modes of Dyson Humidifier PH01 that you can enjoy include Night Mode, Breeze Mode, Backwards Airflow mode, and Night Mode.

Night mode is ideal if you prefer to place the humidifier in your bedroom. It makes the unit perfect for night use.  When you activate this mode, it adjusts the system for optimum performance while you sleep. With the fan mode, you can get your device to work as a traditional fan with the capacity to prove different levels of oscillations, which is at 0, 0.45, and 90 degrees.

Breeze mode is a common feature available on other units. However, Dyson humidifier is unique in the sense that it offers a natural breeze.  Backward Airflow mode is the right option for those that want to purify and humidify their rooms without the breeze.

Dyson Humidifier PH02

If you need a unit that can function in three different capacities, then you should consider the Dyson PH02.  It can act as a humidifier, fan, and air purifier.  This unit is an advanced version of the other Dyson products; the device comes with a high-tech functionality names Cryptomic technology.  It is another top-quality product from Dyson, and it’s a product that is unparalleled.

The unit is equipped to remove all traces of formaldehyde in your surrounding air.  The machine gets rid of this chemical by breaking it down into carbon dioxide and water. This humidifier is highly recommended for those concerned about the VOCs and their indoor air quality.  The good news about this machine is that it comes with all the modes and functionalities of Dyson Humidifier PH01.

What are the Unique Technologies of Dyson Humidifiers?

Dyson humidifiers are known for their exceptional features.  This makes all their products stand out from other similar brands.  While Dyson units have advanced functionalities, few of these features are notable and worth mentioning.

Dyson products feature air multiplier technology.  Their air purifiers, fans, and humidifiers come with these features, and it has boosted the image of the company in the world of personal cooling.

Wi-Fi feature has gradually become more common as technology advances. Not all their products come with a monitoring device, but it’s available on a handful of them. This section the three notable unique technologies of Dyson humidifiers.

  • Intelligent Monitoring

The advanced technology of the Dyson humidifier is its intelligent monitoring system. The fact is that this system can detect VOCs and other substances that pose a danger to health.  Intelligent monitoring makes use of laser measurement and sensors in conjunction with a unique algorithm to fish out these unwanted particles and provide you with information that tells you about your home’s air quality in real-time.

  • Air Multiplier Technology

Air multiplier technology is another unique technology of Dyson humidifiers. The company introduces the world to this advanced technology by producing bladeless fans. Another notable component of this unique system is a brushless motor.  It is a great innovation that delivers a smooth and steady stream of airflow.

  • Dyson Link

Dyson uniquely handles connectivity.  The company takes device connective a little further with the Dyson link app.  This application can pull a wide range of statistics from your unit, ranging from indoors humidity levels to the outdoors pollen count. Furthermore,  These data include the humidity condition in your home, the current, and previous reports on your humidifier’s performance.

Pros and Cons of Dyson Humidifiers

To know if the Dyson product is worth the price, you need to weigh the humidifier’s pros and cons.  Dyson humidifiers come with several advantages.  These advantages are the features of the product.  Some of the benefits that you derive from the use of this humidifier are the monitoring of your room’s air quality, and it can adjust itself without human help. The product also comes in a design that blends well with your home décor.

However, Dyson humidifiers come with a high price tag. Among the three Dyson humidifiers, the AM10 is the cheapest.

Dyson Humidifier Availability and Pricing

Depending on your preferred model, the cost of Dyson humidifiers ranges from 499 to 899 USD. You can buy these products direct from the company or through major retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

Conclusion: Are Dyson Humidifiers Worth the Price?

Having considered the advanced features, as well as the pros and cons of Dyson humidifiers, you have enough facts to need to answer the question: are Dyson Humidifiers worth the price?  Based on the information presented above, these products are of high-quality, and they come with advanced technology that makes them worth the buy.

Some of these devices’ unbeatable features are Wi-Fi technology, intelligent monitoring, auto-adjustment, air multiplier technology, and many others.

Dyson humidifier will offer you great value for your money if you are not on a low budget.