Are Cool Mist Humidifiers Good for Newborns?

This article attempts to answer the question: are cool mist humidifiers good for newborns? Read on to learn more.

When expectant mothers are preparing for the babies’ arrival, they want everything to be perfect.  They want to make the house comfortable and safe for their newborns.  In a bid to make the ambient air safe and conducive for their babies, most parents order a humidifier. Before placing their orders, some parents usually get confused when it comes to the type of humidifier to buy. Some of the questions they do ask include: What is the best humidifier for my newborn? Are Cool Mist Humidifiers Good for my newborn? What is the difference between a cool mist and warm mist humidifiers?

Furthermore, most parents become confused when it comes to getting the best type of humidifier for their babies.  If you are looking for the right device to place in your nursery, then you need to pay attention to every detail in this article.

best humidifier for baby congestion

Why installing a Humidifier in your Baby’s Room?

Some of the health challenges that accompany dry air include sore throat, cracked lip, stuffy noses, dry sinuses, etc.  Newborns are susceptible to infections and sickness occasioned by dry air because their immune systems are not yet mature to fight off illnesses.  To prevent disease and infection in babies, parents must ensure that they have access to high-quality air.

A humidifier improves air quality in your nursery by adding the much-needed moisture, thereby getting rid of dry air that could lead to sickness in newborns.  Your babies will breathe comfortably and have a sound sleep when they have access to a humidified air.

The device releases moist air that clears your baby’s nasal passageways.  Apart from that, it prevents mucus accumulation that might affect their breathing. The humid air prevents mucus accumulation by loosening its buildup.

Dry air causes children’s skin to get dried; it also causes cracked lips, which can be uncomfortable.  Since humidifiers add moisten dry air, then it helps to ease the symptoms in children.  Dry skin makes newborns uncomfortable as it leads to chap lips, red patches, itching, irritations, among others.  Also, conditions like eczema can be worsened when babies are exposed to dry air.   With the right humidifier, you can maintain the natural moisture of your baby’s skin, thereby keeping it healthy and smooth.

Babies often enjoy rhythmic sounds; humidifiers make such sounds. The device produces a rhythmic, gentle, and comforting sound that replicates the whooshing sounds they heard in the womb.  Another advantage your baby derives from this humidifier’s pleasant hum is that it overshadows other disturbing sounds nearby, such as a dog bark, noises from television, radio, conversation, and others. By doing blocking off all unwanted sound in your nursery, it can always help to lull your newborn into a refreshing sleep.


How do Humidifiers work?

One way to choose an ideal humidifier for your baby’s room is to know how the different types of humidifiers work. Broadly, there are two main types of humidifiers; warm mist and cool mist humidifiers.  To know the best one for you, consider the information below:

  • Warm Mist Humidifiers

This is a type of humidifier that does not have a heating element. This device works by emitting warm air into the surrounding.  The warm mists help in getting rid of bacteria and other harmful microbes.  Because it gets rid of germs, some pediatricians recommend it. Warm air enables the baby to breathe properly because it clears the respiratory passages and inhibits mucus’ buildup.

  • Cool Mist Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifiers do not use a heating element; therefore, it releases cool mist, which is below or at room temperature.  Doctors recommend this type of humidifier for newborns because it is safe in the baby’s room.  Apart from that, it is an ideal device for babies suffering from the symptoms of croup.

The main disparity between warm and cool mist humidifiers is the mode of operation.  A warm mist humidifier disperses heated air into the ambient air, while a cool mist humidifier expels air at room temperature.

Are Cool Mist Humidifiers Ideal for Newborns?

Cool mist humidifiers release moist air at room temperature or below. One of the reasons doctors recommend this device is that they don’t work at elevated temperatures, which might cause burns or scald in children.  As mentioned earlier, they also produce rhythmic white sounds that can lull babies to sleep.

Furthermore, cool mist humidifiers are energy efficient; they are less demanding when it comes to power consumption.  Therefore, you can cut down on your energy bill by using a cool mist humidifier. The money saved can be channeled towards other things that are equally beneficial to your newborn.

Cool mist humidifiers are also effective as they can cover more square feet than the other type of humidifier. Also, it can be used in the management of croup in newborns and adults.

Cool Mist Humidifier Options You Can Consider

When looking for an ideal humidifier for your child’s room, there are three options to consider.  Below are the detailed explanations of each of them.

  • A Console Humidifier

This is a high capacity device that can spread cool mist through the entire house.  They are a large unit that can spread moisture through the whole area of your baby’s room.  Depending on your preferred model, this unit can hold up to nine gallons of water.  You should consider this model if you need to humidifier a large area.

  • Tabletop Humidifier

A tabletop humidifier is an ideal choice for a baby’s room. This is because they are portable and compact, which makes to move from one place to another for cleaning and maintenance. Apart from that, you can place them conveniently on shelves, tables, and other platforms.  Unlike console humidifiers, they don’t have a high capacity. Therefore, they work by humidifying the room they are located.

  • In-Duct Humidifier

This is an option that you should consider if you plan to humidify the whole house.  To use this device, you have to install it into your house’s air duct.  In-Duct Humidifier comes with multiple benefits.  Apart from its efficiency, it keeps the air moist for every occupant.  Furthermore, it is easy to maintain.

However, in-duct humidifiers are a bit expensive.  Of all three options, the tabletop humidifier is the least expensive. The tabletop humidifier is an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a less demanding device in terms of cost. Bear in mind the cost of an in-duct humidifier as high as several hundreds of dollars, and you need an expert for its installation.

Looking at its benefits, an in-duct humidifier is an excellent option if you can foot the bills. It will not only moistens the air in your baby’s room but also supplies every part of the home with soothing cool mists.

Features to Consider When Buying a Cool Mist Humidifier for Newborn

Cool Mist humidifiers come in different models, making it easier to find the right device for your baby’s room.  Bear in mind that some features are more important than others when looking for the ideal humidifier to install in your nursery.  Getting your nursery ready for newborn involves careful planning so that the room will be conducive and safe for your baby.  Planning to get a cool mist humidifier for your baby’s room; consider the following features before you place an order:

  • Room Size

Your nursery or baby’s room size is an essential feature to consider before you get a humidifier.  A tabletop humidifier will be ideal for a small-sized room, while you should consider a higher capacity device for a large room.

  • Lights

Some brands of humidifiers come with nightlight function that can illuminate your baby’s room at night.  The gentle glow enables you to keep an eye over your baby at night without turning on the main light.

  • Appearance

As humidifiers are seen as an essential device for newborns’ wellbeing, they are now designed to beautify your nursery.  Now, they come in baby-friendly designs, serving as a decorative piece and a device to improve their wellbeing.

  • Filters

Filters help in purifying the cool mist that is being released into the air. The filter often gets clogged and dirty after some weeks of usage.  Therefore, it needs to be replaced regularly to ensure that your baby breathes in purified air. Endeavor to check how often you will have to change the filter, and where you can get a new one whenever there is a need for replacement.

  • Cleaning

Lastly, you should make sure that the device you are purchasing is easy to clean.  Due to their working mode, humidifiers need constant cleaning; so, you will have to detach it and wash it. You can consider humidifiers that are detachable.  Apart from that, you must be able to wash its water tank safely in the dishwasher. Cleaning the tank regularly will prevent the growth of germs occasioned by stagnant water.


Cool mist humidifier disperses moist higher at room temperature or below. Apart from its gentle white noise that can lull your baby to sleep, it also helps to ease your baby from croup symptoms, nasal congestion, and other health issues caused by dry air.