Are Cool Mist Humidifiers Good for Babies?

One of the questions you might have probably asked yourself when looking for the right Humidifiers to place in your baby room is: Are cool mist humidifiers good for babies?  Well, this question is not an ambiguous one; this article gives a satisfactory answer to it.  If you are thinking of installing this device in your baby’s room, you are advised to read this article carefully because it deals thoroughly with this subject matter.

Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier, 2.8L Ultrasonic Humidifiers

What are Cool Mist Humidifiers?

Humidifiers can be broadly classified into two; cool mist and warm mist humidifiers. Understanding the difference between the two will enable you to choose a perfect one for your nursery or home environment.  One of the features that differentiate the two types of humidifiers is the heating element.  Cool mist humidifiers are so-called because they do not come with a heating element.  Furthermore, it has a different working principle compared to its counterpart.

As a result of its operation mode, the cool mist humidifier releases cool vapor at room temperature or even cooler, into the ambient air.   Cool mist humidifiers are of two types; ultrasonic and evaporative.

Evaporative humidifier works by directing dry ambient air through the moisturized evaporative wick filter. The absorbed moisture on the filter evaporates due to the air that is being blown by the fan.  As a result, the moist air is released into the surrounding, humidifying the surrounding air in the process.  It will interest you to know that evaporative cool mist humidifier offers the most natural ways of moistening the surrounding air. However, it does not work silently.

Ultrasonic is more technologically advanced as it comes with more advanced features.  Unlike the evaporative humidifiers, it does not use a fan.  The machine utilizes a metal diaphragm that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency, thereby breaking down water in the process.  When compared to evaporative humidifiers, they make less noise.

What are the Pros and Cons of Cool Mist Humidifiers that you Should Know?

We have looked at the different types of cool mist humidifiers. If you are looking to get this device for your baby’s room, you should be familiar with the product’s merit and demerit. Knowing the merits and demerits of this product will facilitate sound decision making and understand what is suitable for your newborn.

First, cool mist humidifiers are energy-efficient because they do not have a heating element, usually energy-demanding.  Therefore, you can significantly cut down on your energy consumption by using this device.

Furthermore, cool mist humidifier does not pose any risk of burning or scalding; therefore, they are safe to use in children’s room. This machine does not use a heating element; it dispels cool mist into the surrounding. So, it does pose any danger to children.

The price of a cool mist humidifier is not on the high side.  These devices are not expensive because they do not contain a heating element.

When it comes to efficiency, they perform better than warm mist humidifiers.  They have the capacity to humidifier a larger area at a time.

Cool mist humidifiers are highly recommended for young ones having symptoms of croup. The device can relieve them of the system.

However, you have to consider some drawbacks of cool mist humidifiers.  One of the notable demerits of this machine is that its wick filter needs replacement often. The filter gets dirty and ineffective over a short time due to the device’s mode of operation and many other factors.  As such, it needs to be replaced regularly. Consider replacing it once or twice a month, depending on the usage frequency and the water quality.

The tendency of mold and other harmful bacteria building up in the humidifiers tank is high. This is due to the absence of a heating element.  These unwanted organisms cannot thrive in a hot environment.  These harmful substances accumulate in the wick filter of an evaporative humidifier.  They are potentially harmful when released into the ambient air. This problem becomes worse when the unit is poorly maintained.

Another drawback of a cool mist humidifier is the noise.  You might need to consider brands that operate silently if you or your baby is sensitive to sound.  If you want a quieter device that will not interfere with your baby’s sleep, consider the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.

What are the Recommended Humidifiers for Baby?

If you are on the search for the best humidifiers for your baby, you will be surprised to come across myriads of products.  You might be tempted to place an order for a good-looking, decorative humidifier that catches your attention.  You don’t have to base your buying decision on the appearance or look of the product because not all the humidifiers are good for babies. Now, let’s examine the type of humidifiers that you should consider when looking for an ideal humidifier to place in your baby’s room.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

An ultrasonic humidifier is a modern type of cool mist humidifier that comes with more advanced features.  This machine creates a minute water drop through ultrasonic vibration. One of the advantages that this device has over the other is that it is not noisy. In other words, it works silently.  Users of this product must ensure that they use distilled water to avoid dispersing unwanted mineral particles that may affect young ones’ health. If you are looking for a quieter model that will not disturb your baby’s sleep, you should give this brand a try.

Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier

Evaporative cool mist humidifier is a highly recommended device for children; they sometimes come in nursery-themed models to beautify your baby room. We have discussed this type of humidifier extensively in the preceding section.  A significant feature that makes them unique is the wick filter that absorbs water from the tank.  Furthermore, this model makes use of a rotating fan that blows the water as tiny droplets across the room of your young one.

With this type of humidifier, you don’t have to worry about over humidifying your baby’s room as it features a regulator.  The humidifier will disperse less moisture into the surrounding when your baby’s room’s humidity level reaches a comfortable level.  The fan also makes a gentle noise that could lull your baby to sleep.  However, the noise could be distractive if it gets too loud.

2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier

You can also consider a combination of a humidifier and an air purifier. The use of this 2-in-1 product could add to your expenses, but it is a step that is worth taking. First, it gives you extra peace of mind by ensuring that your baby breathes in a purified air while your baby’s room is at an optimum humidity level.  A 2-in-1 model is an ideal choice if your baby suffers allergies.  Apart from that, they are also highly recommended for those bothered about pet-dander in the air.  Newborns are most vulnerable in the first few weeks of their birth; therefore, this model will ensure that they breathe in a clean air devoid of harmful micro-organism.

How a Cool Mist Humidifier Benefits your Baby?

A cool mist humidifier offers a great advantage to your young ones.  As explained in the sections above, they do not have a heating element; so, they won’t injure your newborn.  Asides that, your baby can benefit from cool mist humidifiers in several ways. Are you planning to install this product in your nursery and desire to know how it could benefit your little ones?  If yes, let’s get started!

It Prevents Infections

One of the most significant benefits of cool mist humidifiers is that it fights infections in children. Dry air causes the nasal passageways of young ones to dry.  As a result, the mucus gets dried, thereby losing its ability to eliminate harmful organisms before they gain access to the body.  The use of a cool mist humidifier will keep moistening the tiny passageways of baby, giving them an extra layer of protection from harmful microbes.

It Prevents Dry Skins.

Baby skin is tender and fragile; so, they tend to develop dry skin when exposed to dry ambient air. The use of a recommended humidifier can help prevent or ease your young ones from the symptoms of dry skin.  Some of the symptoms you can prevent using a cool mist humidifier include rashes, peeling, and pain.

It eases congestion and coughing.

Nasal congestion is a condition that causes discomfort in young ones.  It prevents them from breathing properly.   Worst still, babies cannot take the traditional cold drugs. Using a cool mist humidifier will enable them to breathe easily by clearing their nasal passageways, thereby relieving congestion and the discomfort that comes with a dry throat.


By now, you already know the right answer to the question: are cool mist humidifiers good for babies?  Some of the notable features that make this device suitable for young ones include silent operation, absence of heating element, etc.

Apart from that, a cool mist humidifier relieves babies of dry skin, croup, nasal congestion, and enables them to sleep soundly throughout the night.  If your baby is sensitive to sound, you should go for a quieter model.